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Index is calculated based on total likes/followers per enrollment. Penalties are applied for not having all three accounts and not having the same username on all acounts.
   Index Institution
1(8)9.7385(1.0)Haskell Indian Nations University
2(25)7.7712(0.5)York College
3(85)4.0928(0.5)Crowley\'s Ridge College
4(121)3.0181(0.5)Central Christian College of Kansas
5(154)1.9229 Washington Adventist University
6(155)1.9099(0.5)Johnson & Wales University (Colo.)
7(160)1.8354 University of Victoria
8(177)1.5663 Georgia Gwinnett College
9(181)1.4984(0.5)Silver Lake College of the Holy Family
10(182)1.4968 Governors State University
11(189)1.1902(0.5)Fisher College
12(191)1.1671(0.5)University of British Columbia
13(194)1.0964(0.5)Lincoln Christian University
14(202)0.9642(0.5)College of the Ozarks
15(217)0.7739(1.0)Fisk University
16(222)0.6831(0.5)Stillman College
17(223)0.6675(0.5)Indiana University Northwest
18(225)0.6348(0.5)Rochester College